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My post-audition interview with New Generation Youth Theatre

So you recently auditioned for @NGYTUK Theatre Company. How did you find the audition? What things stood out to you?

I really enjoyed the audition. I was a bit nervous going in but everyone was really welcoming and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I didn’t know what to expect initially but I couldn’t have been happier with how it went overall. What stood out for me is how modern and inclusive the company is. @NGYTUK breaks the traditional theatre company style in that we make the art that we perform - and I find that really exciting.

To anyone reading this, Shania was successful at the audition!! Whoop whoop go you! How was the 1st week?

I’m totally thrilled. I couldn’t wait to start my 1st week! I really enjoyed it because it was quite similar to the audition structure, and I found myself settling in really quickly. The 1st week was about getting to know people, taking part in games to learn everyone’s name (which I'm not the best at!), and forming bonds within the group. I already feel really connected with the group which is an amazing feeling. My favourite game that day was a storytelling game where we had to go round the group reciting a story and then adding to it whilst performing it. I laughed so hard!

What are you most excited about moving forward within the theatre company?

Gaining more confidence as an actress and putting myself out there in the industry more. Im excited to form connections and learn from others whilst developing my skills and broadening my experience of performing on stages. I’m really looking forward to performing and working together with others in the company and seeing different interpretations and viewpoints.

We are also really excited to announce that you are going to be working with @tangledfeet & @NGYTUK on their forthcoming collaboration 'But When?'. How does it feel to be working on this professional production in your hometown of Luton?

It feels so amazing! This is my first professional production so this is massive for me, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved. I’m still buzzing from the news and I can’t wait to work with everyone on this production

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